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The name BRD comes from the 3 owners, Bill, Russ and Dale. Russ worked his way through college with summer roofing jobs. (BS in Geology from Western Washington University) Bill joined Russ during the summer of 76 during his summer break also. Upon graduation both decided to stay in the roofing industry. Dale graduated from Central Washington and pursued a career in sales. He joined Russ and Bill in the mid eighties.

In 2005 Russ finally prevailed and talked Dale and Bill into starting their own company and they all wished they had made the choice years earlier. Dale is the main salesman and president of the company. Russ is involved in sales also and does all of the planning, ordering and still manages to get on the roof working with the crews on a regular basis. Bill takes care of all of the office duties and also occasionally gets on the roof and works with the crew. Our foreman Sam has been working with Bill, Russ and Dale since the late nineties and oversees all of the jobsite.

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